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Green Crack

We have been growing Green Crack off and, on for the better part of 8 years. This is one of our most consistant sativas.


We're absolutely crazy about the way our Lambo has been turning purple in flower. 

Agent Orange

Our Agent Orange has one of the brightest terp profiles out of all our our strains!


These clones look vibrant and, healthy.  We only choose the best looking genetics to clone.

Mammoth (I)

SnoCap x LA Confidential - The name fails to convey the truly MONSTROUS buds.  We've always been a fan of the potent and, resinous phenotypes we've gotten from this strain.  We choose only the top producers to send to our patients homes

Agent Orange (H)

(Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper) This one is one of our go to for it’s cerebral affects. It has been used extensively for anxiety, depression and, ADD.  We're very proud of the recent phenotypes we've gotten out of this strain.  We will continue to select only the best mothers to clone for our patients. 

Lambo (H/S)

Lambo (H/S) (Lambs Bread x Holy Grail Kush) Lambo has excellent bud to flower yields and, a pleasant cerebral high.  Buds have shown purple, citrus and, diesel phenos in our grow.  


(Purple Thai x Afghani) This is Memos absolute favorite strain. Flo is one of the most soaring yet still focused highs we’ve ever come across.  This strain is recommended for veteran growers.  Experienced growers have been able to yield multiple times from the same plant.

Death-Star (H/I)

(Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) We’ve been a fan of Death Star since we first started growing it almost 9 years ago. It's shown bright and, dense buds with a very heavy body high.  Even though it doesn't get very tall, we've produced excellent yields. This strain has responded very well to our new sea of grean style of growing.  We've noticed huge resin glands around the 5th week of flower.


(Fall ‘97 x Durban Poison) Reba answers questions we never thought to ask: Can we make Durban Poison feel like a heavy indica? We can!  Reba has the unmistakable flavor of Durban Poison.  Fall '97 has